Dental Implants Garner NC

Dental Implants Garner NC

A dental implant is fitted to replace a tooth which has been or removed. This allows the patient to eat, speak, and go about their daily life without the discomfort of an exposed nerve. Additionally, a dental implant serves a crucial aesthetic purpose, as those who are missing teeth often experience self-consciousness as a result. Frustratingly, a dental implant can set you back quite a bit in the United States. That’s why patients in need of dental implants in Garner, NC should come to us at Moore Family Dentistry.

How Is A Dental Implant Fitted?

If you have not undergone a dental implant in the past, you may be a little intimidated by the thought of the procedure. Don't worry; this is perfectly normal. The good news is the dental implant process is relatively painless and straightforward.

Before installing a dental implant, a dentist will make a small hole in their patient's jawbone. A specialized drill is used to do this, generally while the patient is under sedation. From here, the base of the implant is screwed into the hole. The gum is then allowed to heal over the base. Once enough time has passed to facilitate adequate healing, an abutment (essentially a "connector") is added to the base. This is topped off by the crown, which is the part of the implant that mimics a real tooth.

How Long Does It Take?

As you probably guessed, a dental implant is fitted over multiple surgeries. The first surgery focuses solely on installing the base in the patient's jawbone. As mentioned above, once this has been completed, the patient must wait for their gum to heal over the base. This must happen before the second part of the treatment can be performed. This could take anywhere from three to six months. Traditionally, the second part of the procedure marks the final surgery in the dental implant process. However, you may be fitted with a temporary cap to allow your mouth to heal in peace. After a few weeks, this will be replaced by a more permanent crown. 

The length of your dental implant process is influenced by the number of implants you require. If several implants are needed, they may be fitted over several sessions if doing so all at once would cause too much discomfort. It is also worth noting that an implant can be fully fitted in the lower jaw within five months, while one in the upper jaw often requires more than six.

Why Us?

For dental implants in Garner, NC, Moore Family Dentistry is the place to go. Our clinic is headed by the acclaimed Dr. Adam Moore's. Dr. Moore's expertise in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry earned him a spot on Incisal EdgeMagazine’s Top 40 Dentists Under 40. Despite the impeccable treatment you will receive from Dr. Moore and the rest of the team here at Moore Family Dentistry, we boast some of the most affordable dental implant rates in all of Garner. Contact us today to restore your smile with a dental implant.

Dental Implants Garner NC
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