One-Visit CEREC Crowns

We know our patients lead a busy life and your time is extremely important to us. This is why we offer CEREC, same-day crowns. If you have ever had a crown or “cap” placed to restore a damaged tooth, you likely had to make multiple visits to your dentist for impressions to be made, placement of a temporary crown and placement of the final restoration after adjustments. Thanks to CEREC dentistry, we can now create a precision-crafted crown restoration in just one visit. Single-visit crowns are natural-looking, tooth-colored restorations that fit and function perfectly. No need for multiple office visits!

If David Letterman only knew about CEREC…

Clip from: The Doctors

In one 90-minute session, you will have a visually-appealing solution to a decaying or chipped tooth. Single-visit crowns make it possible for you to visit once and walk out with a brand-new crown and a nicer smile that day. Get the fastest, most convenient dental crowns you have ever had and improved your smile at the same time.

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