At What Age is a Tooth Extraction Better Than a Crown?

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A tooth extraction involves pulling your tooth while a crown preserves it with a cap. While a tooth extraction is necessary in some situations, a crown is almost always preferred. This is because saving your real teeth comes with countless benefits.

Benefits of Saving Your Teeth

First and foremost, natural teeth function better than artificial ones. Even though technology has advanced fabricated teeth, they still cannot replicate the strength of natural ones. Since a pulled tooth can create a gap in your smile, it may lead to problems with chewing and bite alignment. These issues are less likely to arise when your natural teeth are intact.

In addition, natural teeth can help you maintain a youthful appearance as pulled teeth result in gaps in the bone that may cause the bone to collapse and make you appear older than you really are.

Teeth Preservation is Always Recommended

Some patients have recently asked Dr. Moore whether there is a certain age where a tooth extraction makes more sense than a crown. The answer is “not really.” If possible, Dr. Moore will always recommend a crown, regardless of your age.

In some cases, an extraction may make more sense. If you have a severe infection, for example, it may prevent it from spreading. In the event you’ve been diagnosed with periodontal disease, an extraction may be necessary as well.

Lastly, a tooth extraction may be a viable solution if your tooth is impacted when it’s blocked from coming out or your gums don’t fully erupt and prevent it from coming out. This typically occurs with wisdom teeth.

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