Say Goodbye to Multiple Crown Appointments with CEREC™

Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple appointments when receiving a dental crown.  With the CEREC™ chair-side fabrication system, Dr. Moore can design, create, and position your crowns in your mouth all in one visit! Utilizing powerful technology, CEREC™ gives Dr. Moore all the tools needed to design and mill your crown chair-side, precisely and [...]

Restore Your Smile And Quality of Life With Dental Implants in Garner, NC

Restore Your Smile And Quality of Life With Dental Implants in Garner, NC Losing one or more teeth doesn’t have to spell the end of your healthy, beautiful, natural-looking smile. At Moore Family Dentistry, we’ve rejuvenated many patients’ smiles and protected their oral health for future years with dental implants in Garner, NC. Did you [...]

A Worry-Free Visit At Your Family Dentist in Garner, NC

A Worry-Free Visit At Your Family Dentist in Garner, NC Many people don’t look forward to going to the dentist. Are you, or someone you love, one of the 15% of people who experience dread when it comes to their appointment at their dentist in Garner, NC? Dental fear can be due to a previous [...]

Easter Candy and Oral Health

There are a number of tasty treats your kids might be enjoying in the days following Easter, making it important that you work on solid oral hygiene habits that can help guard against tooth decay. Of course, limiting consumption of sweet and sticky treats is the most effective way to prevent oral health problems, but [...]

Emergency Dentistry and St. Patrick’s Day

Emergency Dentistry and St. Patrick's Day Visits to the dentist for emergency tooth repair increase 64% in the days following St. Patrick’s Day. Some of these visits are for minor issues such as chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. Others are for larger problems such as teeth that have come loose or been [...]

Why is My Headache Hurting my Jaw?

If you struggle with chronic headaches, they may be related to the neuromuscular dentistry issue, TMJ. When jaw pain is present at the same time as a headache – or when this pain occurs intermittently or consistently in between headaches – it is best to call (919) 772-1811 and schedule a neuromuscular evaluation with [...]

Four Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Four Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth If you are missing one or more teeth, it is important that you look into replacement options as soon as possible. A number of issues can be caused by missing teeth and these can further impact the strength and appearance of your smile. If you are [...]

Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking cigarettes is not good for any part of your body. In fact, it is patently and unquestionably bad for all of your body’s essential functions – the health of your teeth and gums being no exception. If you are a smoker, why not make 2016 the year you kick the habit? Your body, [...]

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