Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a wonderful solution for patients who experience fear or anxiety prior to visiting the dentist. The methods of sedation utilized by Garner dentist Dr. Adam Moore can quell even the most severe anxiety, helping patients feel at ease and comfortable during their entire procedure. However, one needn’t suffer from dental anxiety to benefit from sedation dentistry. In fact, Dr. Moore may recommend this option to assist in dealing with a number of dental discomforts.

If you believe you could benefit from sedation dentistry, call Dr. Moore at (919) 772-1811 to schedule your consultation today.

Sedation dentistry may be useful for patients who:

  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Suffer from TMJ
  • Gag easily
  • Do not respond well to numbing agents
  • Require a longer treatment period
  • Need multiple procedures in a single sitting

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Moore may recommend sedation taken prior to your visit, but can administer your medication onsite as well. This will be based on factors unique to your situation and is best determined during your consultation.

To learn more about your sedation options, please contact Moore Family Dentistry today. Dr. Moore serves Garner, Cary, and surrounding North Carolina communities.

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