Is a CEREC Same Day Crown Painful?

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Is a CEREC Same Day Crown Painful?

When it comes to receiving a traditional crown, the truth is it can usually take a couple appointments. First, you’ll receive a temporary crown for 1-2 weeks while the permanent crown is being carefully crafted to fit your tooth. Once your crown is prepared and ready, you’ll come back to the office to receive your permanent crown. When your permanent crown is cemented you’ll perform a series of bite tests to make sure that the tooth feels right and is adjusted properly.

Similar to traditional crowns, CEREC crowns, or also called chair side crowns function just the same. However, the big difference between the two is that these are donthe “same day,” meaning you’ll skip the temporary crown and receive your permanent crown right away at your initial appointment. These types of crowns are made from 3D imaging and it is created to fit customizable to your tooth. Just like with traditional crowns, you’ll be numb with local anesthetic during the process so you won’t have to worry about feeling any pain! You’ll be able to sit back and relax in the dental chair, while the dentist does all the work. Once your appointment is over, you’ll be able to leave the dental office with a shiny new crown once any additional adjustments are made.

If after your appointment for any reason you need to make further adjustments to your bite, this is also possible and should not hurt. However, if you typically tend to have more sensitive teeth anesthetic can be given if you would like.

Is a CEREC right for you?

If a same day crown seems like something you would be interested in, it would be beneficial to visit with a dental professional to discuss the options of a CEREC crown to see if it may be right for you!

Would you like more information regarding CEREC crowns?

If you are looking for more information regarding CEREC crowns or traditional crowns, those of us at Moore Family Dentistry invite you to please contact us and visit our website! To schedule an initial consultation to discuss possible treatment options, we ask that you also please call us for an appointment today!

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