Will a Dental Crown Change My Appetite and Diet?

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At its core, a crown is a cap that will cover the surface of your tooth. It’s designed to look and function just like a real tooth. It can strengthen the tooth and protect its existing structure. Dr. Moore may recommend a crown for a variety of reasons. A crown may resolve a broken or fractured tooth, severely decayed tooth, fractured filling, or cosmetic imperfection. It may also protect your tooth after a root canal.

While dental crowns can be made of a variety of materials, porcelain is preferred because it tends to be more aesthetically pleasing than gold and metal. Crowns typically last a decade or so. However, if you take care of your teeth and crowns, they may last for as long as 25 years. All you have to do is brush and floss your teeth daily and visit the dentist for routine exams and cleanings.

The Dental Crown Process

If you undergo the dental crown process, you’ll need to visit our office twice. During your first visit, Dr. Moore will remove decay and shape the surface of your tooth so that it can fit the crown. He will also take impressions of your tooth so that a custom crown can be created.

As your crown gets made, you’ll wear a temporary crown. Once your return to our office for a follow up appointment, you’ll receive your permanent crown. Dr. Moore will ask that you visit our office on a regular basis to ensure your crown is in optimal shape.

A Dental Crown May Affect Your Diet

When you receive your temporary crown, Dr. Moore will ask that you stay away from certain foods. You’ll also need to avoid these foods for a few weeks with your permanent crown until it settles in your mouth. Some of these foods include:

Nuts: Even though nuts are rich in protein, their hard nature may damage a crown.
Raw Veggies: Yes, raw veggies are good for you. However, they are similar to nuts because they are hard and can hinder a crown.
Caramel and Candy: Caramel and candy are sticky foods that can stick to a crown and eventually cause cavities. Plus, they’re high in sugar which can be bad for your overall health.
Gum: Just like caramel and candy, gum is sticky and can take a toll on a crown if it gets stuck to it.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from dark colored foods and drinks as they can cause staining and take away from the aesthetics of your smile. Dr. Moore will likely encourage you to alter your diet a bit and eat foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains instead. If you stick to these foods instead of the “snacky” type foods that can damage your crowns, you may lose a bit of weight. Our Waxhaw, NC orthodontist friends at Chad Johnson Orthodontics often mention that diet is extremely important when it comes to any type of dental or orthodontic treatment.

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