Solea Laser

A truly innovate new technology that allows dentists to utilize precision lasers in enhancing patient care.

What is a Solea Laser?

Watch as Dr. Moore examines what the Solea Laser means for the future of dentistry.

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Solea Laser

On a whole new wavelength...

New technologies become great new technologies when they change people’s lives. The Solea Dental Laser operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated, yet simple computer controls that enable high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue.

Solea works on everything from gingiva and dentin to enamel and bone. Solea’s innovative technology lets dentists operate in an entirely new way. By eliminating the needle, drill, and noise from routine procedures, the Solea patient experience has evolved to be dread-free. Solea dentists report that they are performing 95% of hard and soft tissue procedures completely anesthesia-free, a claim never before made.

Anesthesia and blood-free dentistry enable a major leap in efficiency for practitioners who are now able to deliver multi-quadrant dentistry in the one appointment, fill cavities the same day as a hygiene visit and easily perform soft tissue procedures that they might have referred out prior. Dentists benefit from increased productivity and patients benefit from pain-free dentistry delivered in a fraction of the time.

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