Does Elaine Marshall Have Dental Implants?

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Since 1997 Elaine Marshall has been the Secretary of State for North Carolina. She was the first woman ever elected to a statewide, executive branch. Kids that are going into college in the fall of 2021 weren’t even born when Marshall took office. Millions of North Carolinians have seen Ms. Marshall’s smiles for decades. Now that she is 75 years old, a few have asked us if we think Elaine Marshall has dental implants or has had any type of dental cosmetic surgery.

It is important to note that under current HIPAA rules and regulations, no medical professional can disclose any patient records. This means even if Ms. Marshall has had dental implants, we will never know as her dentist or oral surgeon will never provide that information to the public. What we do know is that even at age 75 Ms. Marshall has an absolutely gorgeous smile.

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