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A chipped or cracked tooth can be a result of injury, trauma, or general wear and tear. Regardless, a chip or crack can cause any unwanted sensitivity or pain. In some cases, some patients may not experience any pain from a chip or crack. If you are someone who may believe that they have a chipped or cracked tooth it is best to see a dentist immediately. You don’t want to wait as symptoms could worsen causing further damage to the teeth.

Common Causes of Chipped or Cracked Teeth:

While a chipped or cracked tooth may seem rare for you, it is actually a more common scenario for many patients. If you seemed to have chipped or cracked your tooth after eating something (whether hard or soft) there usually is much more to the story, which impacts the teeth. In fact, aside from an injury, a chip or cracked tooth can be result from a variety of reasons pertaining to a patient.

For common causes of chipped or cracked teeth, please consider the following:

  • Continuously chewing on hard foods like ice, nuts or hard candies
  • Grinding— This can occur at night while sleeping or throughout the day
  • Clenching— whether constantly clenching throughout the day or clenching at night can cause strain on the teeth resulting in a chip or crack
  • Uneven chewing pressure or a misaligned bite
  • Loss of a filling or other tooth restoration

What Can I Do?

If you feel that you may have a chipped or cracked tooth, you should immediately contact a trusted dentist. The dentist will evaluate your mouth to check for any signs or symptoms of a chip or crack. If there is an excess amount of pain while biting or chewing, it is possible that the crack is on a surface of the tooth that cannot be visibly seen. In this case, the dentist may recommend that dental radiographs will be taken to provide a better look at the teeth. However, no matter what symptoms you may be experiencing the dentist will be certain that you feel comfortable and informed regarding the entire process. While no one wants to go through a paid research study for a chipped tooth, it is good knowledge to have because the likelihood of someone in your family having a chipped or cracked tooth is very high.

Emergency Dentist Available For Your Needs:

If you are seeking an emergency dentist in the Garner area for a chipped or cracked tooth, please do not hesitate to contact Moore Family Dentistry as soon as possible! Our staff would be more than happy to assist you as quickly as we can to schedule an appointment with us at our office.

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