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A root canal is a dental procedure that helps to save teeth that may have been injured, damaged, diseased, or negatively impacting your dental health. When the pulp of the tooth, which provides important blood flow, is damaged or diseased this leads to increased levels of bacteria from the mouth causing the likeliness of infection, swelling or the pulp to die. While the thought of a “root canal” may seem nerve wracking for some, it really is a smooth process and you can be assured that you’ll be comfortable throughout the procedure.

Root Canal Treatment:

Prior to your root canal procedure, the dentist will numb the tooth of concern and surrounding area with anesthetic to ensure that no pain is felt during the process. Immediately following, the dentist will create a very small opening in the tooth to allow for removal of the pulp so that no infection or bacteria is left behind. Once the pulp is completely cleaned, material called “gutta-percha” will be placed in the pulp area of the tooth to allow the tooth to function properly and remain healthy. Once the root canal is complete, the opening that was created initially in the tooth will be replaced with a small filling and your tooth will look as good as new!

Do I Need A Root Canal?

If you seem to be experiencing pain in your mouth, especially sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, you may need a root canal as this can be a usual symptom that something is negatively impacting the pulp of the tooth. Many patients say that it the sensitivity feels like a quick “zing” and subsides. However, if the pain continues to worsen or ceases to go away after eating or drinking something that is hot or cold, it would be in your best interest to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. While some people may get pain in their lips or mouth and think they need to contact a dermatologist or an orthodontist, it is always best to contact your family doctor first.

Who Can Help?

The dentists at Moore Family Dentistry would be more than happy to help you with any of your dental needs, especially in the cases of dental emergencies. Dr. Moore believes that dental care is the number one priority and he would be more than willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable in the dental chair and out of pain.

If you believe that you may need an emergency root canal, please do not hesitate to contact our Garner, NC office. We would be more than happy to schedule you for an emergency appointment!

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