Emergency Tooth Extraction in Garner, NC

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Typically, any sort of tooth pain usually calls for a very unpleasant experience. For example, if you’ve been up all night and day with excruciating tooth pain, this could be a prime indicator that something is going wrong in your mouth and you should seek care from a dentist immediately. Luckily, at Moore Family Dentistry, we gladly offer emergency tooth extraction appointments to our patients!

What To Do For Your Dental Emergency:

Before anything, we strongly suggest that you contact our office and schedule an appointment with us. If you have been in pain and haven’t tried an over-the-counter pain medication, you can do so if you don’t have allergies to these types of medications.

Secondly, once in our office, we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and ask questions pertaining to any symptoms you may be experiencing. Non-harmful dental radiographs may be taken to provide a closer look at what is taking place in the mouth to help address a solution. Furthermore, these images can help to identify tooth decay (cavities), infection, missing teeth, crown, etc. After gathering the symptoms and looking at the radiographs, the dentist will come up with solutions for treatment. In many scenarios, the overall goal is to save the teeth in the mouth and is possible with different treatments. However, in certain situations a dentist simply cannot save a tooth (or teeth) and an extraction, or removal of a tooth would be needed.


Most importantly, an extraction is typically a last resort when it comes to dental procedures. If a tooth is recommended for extraction it could be for several reasons whether it is because of a major infection, a cavity too large for restoration, a severe fracture of a tooth, or if a tooth has a crack that exceeds below the gumline.

If the dentist recommends an emergency extraction during your visit, you should know that you would be kept comfortable throughout the process! You’ll be given anesthetic to ensure that you are numb and that you won’t feel any pain at all. Following the extraction, you may be given stitches to promote healing of the area, as well as instructions for “after-care” of your extraction site. When looking for a monthly Dental Membership plan to pay for all dental expense, contact us today.

For More Information or Additional Questions:

If you are looking for a dentist near the Garner, NC area who is accepting emergency patients, please contact Moore Family Dentistry immediately. Additionally, if you would like more information regarding extractions or have any additional questions, we also invite you to visit our website and to contact us at your convenience.

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