Five Tips for Avoiding a Spooky Smile

This Halloween, Garner family dentist Dr. Adam Moore encourages you and your children to have fun – and fun at Halloween often includes candy. Can you eat candy and still protect your teeth? Of course. But there are certain things to keep in mind that can help prevent oral health problems down the road.

How can you avoid looking like a jack-o-lantern?

  • Do not bite hard candy – hard candy can chip, crack, and break teeth. As a general rule, minimize your intake of this type of sweet, since keeping it in your mouth too long can encourage decay
  • Avoid taffy and other sticky sweets – sticky treats can pull out restorations and stick in hard-to-clean places, making cavities more likely
  • Reduce your intake of soda and fruit juice – when eating more acidic and sweet foods, try not to compound risks by adding sodas and fruit juices
  • Brush after every snack and floss morning and night – there is no better way to reduce the damages sugar can cause than removing it from the teeth as soon as possible
  • Call Dr. Moore at the first sign of a problem – when caught early on, most oral health problems can be easily treated

Above all else, have a safe and happy Halloween.

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