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While teeth are durable, they can crack. In fact, cracking is likely to happen at some point in time, especially if you grind your teeth or chew on hard objects. Unfortunately, it can lead to pain that worsens with hot or cold temperatures or when you bite down or release a bite.

The good news is our Garner, NC dentist office can fix your cracked tooth and help you prevent future problems like chewing challenges and infection down the road. The treatment for your cracked tooth will depend on your unique situation.

If you have tiny cracks that only affect the outer layer, realize this is typical in adult teeth and doesn’t cause any pain. While treatment isn’t required, you may want to explore cosmetic treatments to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and smile.

In the event part of your teeth’s chewing surface comes off after a filling, Dr. Moore can replace the filling or place a dental crown to protect it. If you have a classic cracked tooth with a split that extends from the chewing surface to the root, a root canal may do the trick.

With an untreated cracked tooth that develops into a split tooth that’s cracked in half, Dr. Moore will do his best to preserve at least a portion of the tooth. He may recommend a crown over the removed portion to restore its function and appearance.

Teeth may also crack from the root upward. While this is less common, it does happen and typically requires surgery. Since cracked teeth don’t work like broken bones and heal on their own, treatment is essential. Fortunately, treatment is usually long lasting and can lead to comfortable chewing for years to come. Pensacola, Florida orthodontist Dr. Clay Sims always says addressing an oral health problem early is the solution to a healthy long term smile.

To prevent cracked teeth in the first place, don’t chew on pens, ice, or other hard foods or objects. Also, do your best not to clench your teeth and get a mouthguard if you grind your teeth while you sleep. Cold sores could also be a problem for those that have nervous ticks when their teeth hurt.

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