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While we do our best to avoid tooth extractions or the pulling of teeth, there are emergency and non-emergency situations that may warrant them. Here are several instances in which Dr. Moore may recommend a tooth extraction.

  • Your tooth is damaged beyond repair. This occurs when tooth decay makes its way to the center of the tooth or pulp.
  • You have periodontal disease. Gum disease or periodontal disease treatment may require pulling a tooth when it’s loose.
  • You have impacted teeth. Impacted teeth are when your teeth are blocked from coming out. This is widely seen with wisdom teeth.
  • You are at risk for overcrowding. If your mouth is overcrowded with teeth and you have to undergo orthodontic treatment, an extraction may make sense.
  • You’ve been in an accident. An accident like a serious car crash can wreak havoc on your teeth and require an emergency extraction.

In most cases, a tooth extraction is necessary and considered an emergency if you show at least one of the following signs:

  • Intense, persistent tooth pain.
  • Painful swelling that doesn’t improve.
  • Severe tooth damage.

At Moore Family Dentistry, we perform simple extractions and surgical extraction for emergency and non-urgent situations. Simple extractions are typically performed under local anesthesia and visible in the mouth. Surgical extractions are done when Dr. Moore can’t access the tooth easily because it hasn’t completely erupted or has broken under the gumline. The Lake Norman dentists at Davidson & Burr agree that addressing the problem before it gets worse is the best for your oral health.

Rest assured Dr. Moore will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth thoroughly before pulling a tooth. Ideally, he’d work to preserve your tooth but if that is not an option, he and his team will ensure the extraction is as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

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