Do I Have to Use a Power/Electric Toothbrush?

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With technology advancing in today’s world, so are our toothbrushes! This means that power/electric toothbrushes are more prevalent in the market today than ever before. In fact, there are more brands popping up advertising their version of a power/electric brush when you may have originally thought of a Phillips Sonicare or Oral-B as the leading brands. However, the question is do you absolutely have to use a power/electric toothbrush?

Simply, the answer is no you do not HAVE to use a power/electric but it does a much more effective job at cleaning over a manual toothbrush. With how the power/electric toothbrushes are made they vibrate or have very tiny back-and-forth motions that effectively remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth. This type of motion is not something that even a regular manual toothbrush can achieve on its own.

If you are on the fence of switching from a manual to an electric/powerbrush, it is recommended you try it and see the difference for yourself! The power/electric brush literally does the work for you. It is suggested that you place the brush along the gumline on the teeth and “glide and slide” it tooth by tooth holding it for a few seconds at a time and doing this on the front and back surfaces of the teeth. With a power/electric you don’t need to manually conduct any brush strokes at all because the tiny vibration means the brush is doing the work effectively. It might seem crazy at first and take some getting used to the new routine of brushing but in the long run it’s easy and worth it!

Now, cost may be the one thing keeping you from making the switch and some things to think about are that you don’t need the most expensive brush out there on the market. While those brushes are effective, they are like the Cadillac of toothbrushes and people can get by just as easily with a Ford than a Cadillac! For example, Arm and Hammer offers a low-cost battery-powered brush that is effective for those looking to make the switch! Additionally, Sonicare sells a brush for roughly $25 on Amazon. You don’t need the latest and greatest model, just something that effectively cleans your teeth!

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