Are Onlays as Good as a Crown?

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If you have broken or missing teeth, Dr. Moore may recommend an onlay instead of a crown. So what exactly is an onlay? Good question! At its core, an onlay only covers a portion of a tooth and removes very little structure. While his treatment allows you to keep more of your tooth, it’s not as strong as a crown. You can think of an onlay as a more conservative approach to tooth restoration.

A crown differs from an onlay because it involves trimming down the tooth and covering it completely. Often times, crowns are applied after root canal therapy which removes the infected or decayed tooth pulp. Their main job is to strengthen the damaged tooth. Although crowns can be made from a variety of materials, porcelain crowns are the most common. We prefer them because they do a great job of resembling the size and shape of your other teeth.

Depending on your unique situation, an onlay may be a better way to improve your oral health than a crown. You can expect Dr. Moore to evaluate the type and extent of tooth damage, your current tooth sensitivity, the cause of the damage, your previous dental work history, and whether or not you need root canal therapy. Understanding these things will help him make an informed decision. Our Richmond, VA dental friends at River Run Dental Spa always give patients as much oral health information as possible to make them feel at ease.

In the event your tooth decay or damage is minor, Dr. Moore will likely recommend an onlay over a dental crown. An onlay is a simpler procedure that still offers strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Dental crowns are usually reserved for moderate to severe tooth damage that cannot be resolved with an onlay.

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