Replacing Metal Fillings

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If you have old metal fillings you feel detract from the quality of your smile, Garner cosmetic dentist Dr. Adam Moore would be happy to meet with you, assess your fillings, and help you determine if replacing them is a good option. Dr. Moore offers tooth colored fillings and inlays and onlays for the replacement of metal fillings. He can help you determine which will best meet your needs during your initial one-on-one consultation.

To learn about replacing your metal fillings in Garner, please contact Moore Family Dentistry online or by calling (919) 772-1811 today to schedule an appointment.

Why Replace Metal Fillings?

Metal fillings are unattractive and can significantly diminish the quality of your smile. More worrisome, metal amalgams expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth, which can allow them to come loose or fall out completely. What’s more, metal fillings can crack or break teeth when they change size, causing additional problems and requiring more restorative work.

Metal fillings also contain mercury – and while some argue that this is not an issue, both the ADA and the FDA have been concerned enough about mercury in fillings to have made requests that metal amalgams not be placed in pregnant women and children. Dr. Moore extends this very basic protection to all of our patients by not offering metal restorations.

Tooth colored fillings look and feel like natural tooth enamel. They are also:

  • Nontoxic
  • Impervious to temperature fluctuations
  • Bonded to the surface of teeth
  • Stronger and more reliable than metal alternatives

If you live in Garner or surrounding areas of North Carolina and are considering replacing your metal fillings with safer, stronger, more attractive tooth colored alternatives, please call (919) 772-1811 today. Our Garner family dentist welcomes patients from Cary, Clayton, Holly Springs, Apex, Knightdale, and surrounding communities.

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