SSRIs and Dental Implant Failure

Osseointegration is the process through which osteoblasts secure to a dental implant, making it a permanent part of the jaw. This process allows for many of the advantages of dental implants such as a secure hold and the prevention of jaw shrinkage and collapse. However, patients who take SSRIs may have troubles generating osteoblasts, which may increase the risk of implant failure.

A new study conducted by the International and American Associations for Dental Research has found patients taking SSRIs see implant failure at twice the rate as those not taking these medications – a number similar to that experienced by smokers. This six year study of 916 dental implants in 490 patients found a failure rate of 10.6 percent among patients taking SSRIs. While this is still a relatively small percentage, SSRI use may interfere with you candidacy for this procedure.

Garner family dentist Dr. Adam Moore takes multiple things into consideration when recommending tooth replacement options. This is why it is important that you disclose your entire medical history, including medications you are now or have previously taken, during your dental implant consultation. If this treatment is not right for you, Dr. Moore will happily discuss alternatives that can restore strength and beauty to your smile.

To learn if dental implants are right for you, please contact Moore Family Dentistry and schedule a consultation today. Dr. Moore proudly serves Garner and all surrounding North Carolina communities.

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