How Long Will My Tongue Be Numb After a Dental Crown?

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A dental crown can cover and protect your tooth if it’s been weakened or cracked. Dr. Moore may also recommend it if it’s been severely worn down or you’ve recently had a root canal. This treatment may also make sense if you’d like to repair a discolored or misshapen tooth.

In most cases, it takes two appointments at our office to complete the dental crown treatment. During your initial visit, Dr. Moore will evaluate your teeth to make sure they are in good enough condition to hold a crown. Then, he’ll file it down or fill it so that it’s the ideal size.

Once he takes an impression of your tooth, he’ll send it to a special lab, which will make your crown out of porcelain. In the meantime, you’ll wear a temporary crown to protect it. When you arrive at our office for your second visit, Dr. Moore will remove your temporary crown.

Next, he’ll use a special adhesive to install your permanent crown and you’ll be good to go. Rest assured you’ll be given anesthesia to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure.

Numbing Won’t Last Long

After you get used to it, your crown will look and function like a regular tooth. You can expect the numbing feeling in your mouth to last for a few hours. The amount of anesthesia administered, whether or not you had an infection, and your overall health will dictate the exact time frame.

Chances are, however, it will fade away after about five hours. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to ease the numbing and find relief. Here are some suggestions

Massage your mouth and face: Try to massage your lips, mouth, and face as doing so can increase blood flow. If you go this route, thoroughly wash your hands beforehand.
Move: If Dr. Moore clears you for physical activity, get moving. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, tend to your garden, or even clean your house. This activity can promote blood flow and direct anesthesia away from your injection site. Kinston, NC Dentist Ricky Carlyle explains that easing back into physical activity is always a good idea after any type of oral surgery.
Keep Busy: You’re more likely to think about and notice your numbness if you’re laying around with nothing to do. Do your best to fill your schedule with tasks so that you can get your mind off it.
Be Patient: The numbness will fade before you know it so it’s essential to have patience. Although it’s easier said than done, patiently waiting it out is important.
Avoid Chewing: Refrain from chewing on the numb side of your mouth. If you do, you may accidentally bite yourself. Also, be extra careful when you eat and drink hot foods and beverages as you may burn yourself by mistake. Our Downtown Raleigh, NC dental friends always express the importance of being careful when biting into candy or hard foods after getting a dental crown.
Swish Salt Water: Mix a teaspoon of salt into warm water. Then, rinse your mouth gently before you spit it out.

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