How Long is Too Long to Have a Temporary Crown?

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A crown is a restorative material that a dentist will use to bring back size, shape and function to a tooth after it is prepped. Essentially, a crown is a “cap” that fits over the prepped tooth and it is as if nothing was ever done to it!

In fact, crowns are known to be temporary or permanent. Temporary crowns are different from permanent crowns in the way of what materials they are made from and their intended longevity. For example, a “temporary crown” is intended to be temporary, while a permanent crown is made of a much stronger material and is permanent.

A dentist may require a temporary crown for different reasons. Usually, it involves intricate detail where shade matching is important and the dentist will send this sort of case out to a laboratory where they specialize in these scenarios. Other reasons you may need a temporary are if there is a lot of bleeding and the soft tissue is at risk of compromising if a permanent were to be placed right away, or the patient may not have time to wait for a same day crown. For any reason, you will have a temporary crown placed with temporary cement and the doctor will advise you to return usually within a 2-3 week window for the permanent crown. Be mindful of this!

Do not think that because you have a “tooth” where your crown was done you are off the hook and do not need the permanent crown! You should not exceed a 3-week limit for a temporary crown because it has risk of breaking, leaking, etc. if kept on too long this can cause more damage than you’ll want to deal with.

So, if you are questioning whether you can keep your temporary crown on longer, don’t! For any reason, if you have questions regarding your temporary crown or place appointment for your permanent crown, call the dentist immediately to see if the dentist can have you seen sooner!

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