Is a Tooth Extraction Cheaper Than a Crown?

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At Moore Family Dentistry, we perform both tooth extractions and crowns. A tooth extraction involves removing a tooth due to infection, decay, or trauma. A crown, on the other hand, is a cap that covers a tooth to strengthen it and conceal imperfections. If you’re unsure of whether you need a tooth extraction or crown, here are some things to consider.

Since your goal should be to preserve as many natural teeth as possible, a crown would be ideal. In some cases, however, a tooth extraction may be the best option. You may be better off with an extraction if your has shifted or grown in the wrong way and is now in a place it shouldn’t be. Excessive tooth decay or infection may also warrant the need for an extraction.

If you have a broken or fractured tooth that doesn’t heal, we recommend a crown. A crown may also be a wise option if your goal is to improve the shape, alignment, and overall appearance of your tooth. If you’ve undergone a root canal, a crown may also help as it can strengthen your natural tooth.

Tooth Extraction and Crown Pricing

While the cost of a tooth extraction varies, you can expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $200 on average. Of course, the more complex your extraction is, the more expensive it will be. When it comes to pricing for a dental crown, it ranges from $500 to $3,000.

On average, however, most patients pay around $900 for their crowns. Keep in mind that the type of dental insurance you have will also play a role in the cost of these treatments.

Although tooth extractions are generally less expensive than crowns, crowns are still highly recommended. They will preserve your natural teeth and may save you a ton of money, pain, and headaches down the road.

For confirmed and exact pricing when it comes to a crown vs getting a tooth extraction, call us today. Each situation is unique and we will have a practice coordinator that will sit down with you and give a confirmed price quote. The prices above are simply a range that you will likely see and hear.

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