Does a Tooth Extraction Cause Weight Loss?

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Tooth extractions are very common. There are a variety of reasons Dr. Moore may suggest one for you. This procedure may be necessary if your tooth is very infected and can’t be saved. A tooth extraction may also make sense to resolve wisdom teeth problems or structural issues.

Even though tooth extractions get a bad reputation, they are actually quite painless. If you undergo one, Dr. Moore will administer a local anesthetic to numb your tooth. This will ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process.

To actually extract your tooth, Dr. Moore will loosen it with special tools. Next, he’ll take a pair of forceps, which are essentially like tweezers to gently remove the tooth from your mouth. Lastly, he’ll use stitches to close up the extraction site. If you are in need of oral health care in Garner, North Carolina, contact Moore Family Dentistry today.

Tooth Extraction Recovery

If you do feel any pain after the procedure, Dr. Moore may encourage you to take an over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen. He’ll also ask that you adhere to a liquid and soft food diet for at least 24 hours. This is because traditional hard foods may cause infection and tear stitches.

While you should avoid brushing the extraction site for a day, gentle cleansing the rest of your mouth is important. Also, refrain from using a mouth rinse as it can irritate the site. In addition, it’s important that you avoid smoking and drinking through a straw.

By following these directions, you can reduce your risk of complications such as dry socket. Dry socket arises when a blood clot doesn’t form in the socket where the tooth has been extracted. Unfortunately, this can cause a great deal of pain and delay the healing process.

Weight Loss is Possible

As we mentioned, you’ll be advised to drink liquids and eat soft foods that are easy to swallow. Soups, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and mashed bananas are ideal. If you don’t normally eat these types of foods and choose them instead of high caloric options, you may lose some weight. Most of these foods are high in water content and low in calories, making them ideal for weight loss.

A tooth extraction may also cause you to lose your appetite for a bit and lead to weight loss. This is particularly true if you experience some pain and simply focus on relaxation and recovery.

Don’t Rely on a Tooth Extraction to Lose Weight

Keep in mind that while you may shed some pounds after a tooth extraction, you’re not going to completely change your body. If weight loss is your goal, a healthy diet and regular exercise routine are your best bets. While a tooth extraction can improve your oral health, it’s not a weight loss solution. Therefore, you shouldn’t count on it to lose weight. Also, too much weight loss in a short time is not healthy so consult your dentist if you experience it. Our Raleigh Family Dentist friends at Downtown Raleigh Dental have reported that a number of people have been asking about weight loss so this is a hot topic.

In early 2022 a brand new Biscuitville opened just down the road near 40/42. Many of our patients have told us how delicious it is. While we do not give weight loss advice, it is safe to say that many trips to Biscuitville is not going to cause weight loss; even after a tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal.

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