Volatile Sulfur Compounds

Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) have been identified as one of the main causes of halitosis. Produced by bacteria in the mouth, VSCs are typically localized to the tongue and can be extremely difficult to remove. In fact, studies have shown that brushing alone only removes 40% of the VSCs from the tongue and even antibacterial mouthwash can fail to remove much more. What options does this leave people suffering from chronic bad breath?

Volatile Sulfur Compounds
Volatile Sulfur Compounds

Tongue scraping is an oral health routine that involves removing bacteria form the tongue with a curved plastic or metal device. Specially designed to comfortably clean the tongue, this technique has shown to remove an additional 45% of the VSCs from the mouth, helping eliminate the source of bad breath.

Garner family dentist Dr. Adam Moore suggests patients experiment with at-home care to find solutions that promote fresh breath and healthy teeth and gums. During your routine visits to our office we would be happy to discuss home care methods that can optimize your oral health and help keep your breath fresh and teeth strong for years to come.

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