Your Dental Questions: Wisdom Teeth in Garner NC

Wisdom teeth are called that because they are the last to erupt, arriving in the late teen years. While parents may disagree about the level of their teenagers’ wisdom, they often have a lot of questions about these problematic molars. So here are answers to your questions about this extra tooth.

Why do we have wisdom teeth?

Many years ago, the human diet was a lot more difficult to chew. The coarse food we ate wore down our teeth, making our jaw work harder. That, plus the loss of teeth at an early age made more room for wisdom teeth.

Why are they a problem?

Today, we eat more processed food and take better care of our teeth, so we don’t have as much space in our jaw to accommodate these late arrivals. That’s why many people have “impacted” wisdom teeth, which means they’re stuck, in a way, and can’t fully erupt.

Does everyone have a problem with wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth may not be a problem. Some people’s wisdom teeth erupt just fine and line up with their molars. Others emerge only partially and some are stuck in the jawbone. The latter two are the ones that pose problems, catching food, acquiring plaque and leading to tooth decay, gum disease and infection.

How are wisdom teeth removed?

That depends on the tooth and how it is impacted. Some extractions are a simple procedure while others require surgical tools.

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