Leaking Amalgam Restoration with Tooth Colored Fillings

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Are you between 24 and 65 years old? If so, you’ve likely had a cavity at some point in your life. In addition, chances are high that you received a filling comprised of metal amalgam. Believe it or not, these amalgam fillings were the only option years ago.

While amalgam fillings get the job done, they do come with a few issues. First off, they only last about 10 years or so. Over time, it’s not uncommon for these fillings to wear away and expose areas to bacteria that may lead to cavities.

Since these cavities often go unnoticed, decay may get into your tooth and require a crown, rather than an additional filling. Therefore, it’s a good idea for Dr. Moore to check out your fillings to determine whether they’re leaking or in need of a replacement.

Fortunately, dental technology has evolved and we now offer tooth colored fillings. These tooth colored fillings can restore leaking amalgam and provide you with the aesthetic and health benefits you deserve.

Compared to metal amalgam fillings, tooth colored fillings are more aesthetically pleasing because they blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth. If you receive them, nobody will have any idea they’re in your mouth. They are made of porcelain or composite resin and custom shaded to match your teeth perfectly.

They’re also far safer than amalgam fillings because they won’t expand or contract and eventually cause a tooth to crack or even worse, break. Once you receive tooth colored fillings, you’ll likely enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile without metal in your mouth. So if you have amalgam restorations in your mouth, it’s well worth your time to visit Dr. Moore and find out whether you’re a good candidate for tooth colored fillings. While some may think a top rated dermatologist will help their appearance the most, you might be shocked how important healthy teeth are to the overall look of a person.

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