Best Metal Free Fillings for Cavities

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The purpose of fillings is to seal small holes in your teeth caused by cavities. They prevent decay from spreading further into your teeth and often eliminate the need for a root canal treatment. Metal free fillings are quickly becoming the preferred solution for cavities.

In the past, amalgam restorations were the only option available. While they got the job done, they were quite noticeable in a patient’s mouth, especially if they were placed near the front. The dark marks they left took away from the aesthetics of their smile and often led to confidence issues.

Metal free fillings offer a more conservative approach to cavity treatment. Only a minimum amount of enamel needs to be removed, allowing a patient’s natural teeth to remain stronger. In addition, they are ideal for anyone with allergies as they are made from a composite resin, which is a mixture of glass and plastic.

So what exactly are metal free fillings? Essentially, they are free of metals and made of materials that have a similar color to natural teeth. When Dr. Moore places them in your mouth, they’ll be virtually invisible to the naked eye. During the treatment, he’ll begin to remove the decayed portion of the tooth that cannot be repaired. Then, they’ll use a gel and bonding agent to prepare it for composite. There will be no need for drilling so you can remain comfortable throughout the entire treatment.

Once you receive your metal-free filling, Dr. Moore will advise you to continue to brush and floss daily, like you normally would. He’ll also ask that you visit his office every six months or so for routine exams.

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