Can I Eat After My Crown is Done?

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A crown is a “cap” or “hat” that fits over the top of a natural tooth to help build up strength when a filling won’t suffice. Just like with a filling, you will be given Novocaine prior to the crown appointment procedure. Once you are numb, the dentist will prepare the crown by shaving down the natural tooth with a handpiece that will carve the natural tooth into a stump-like appearance. Following this, a digital scanner will be used to design 3D images of the tooth in order to design a crown that fits specifically to your mouth.

Gone are the days where you’ll need a temporary crown and have to deal with it possibly popping off! In our office, we offer same day crowns using the CEREC system. With CEREC crowns, Dr. Moore is able to design and mill your crown chair-side so that you can get back to your busy life the same day! In fact, it is a pretty neat system. Your crown is made out of a pre-cut milling block that carves out your uniquely designed crown. Typically, it can take about an hour or so for the crown to mill.

Once the crown is finished, the crown will be “tried-in” to make sure that it fits to the natural tooth appropriately. It will be checked with floss to make sure that the floss hugs the tooth tightly enough to the teeth next to it so that there isn’t room for any food to get caught in between. Following, the crown will be permanently cemented with permanent cement. Depending on the cement used, it may harden on its own for a certain amount of time or harden with the help of a blue light, in which it will harden immediately. Either way, the cement should be tightly holding the crown onto the tooth.

So, if you are questioning if you can eat immediately following your crown appointment, you can! The cement is as hard as it is going to get. Now, sometimes different cements are used for different reasons, so for some scenarios the doctor may say it is best to avoid anything crunchy, sticky or too chewy immediately following. Otherwise, you should not have to worry! If anything, you can always chew on the opposite side of your new crown and that is no problem!

If you have any questions about permanent crowns or the CEREC system, at Moore Smiles we would love to help you out!

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