What To Do If My Tooth Filling Falls Out

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If your tooth filling falls out, you may panic and be unsure of what to do. The good news is this is a fairly common issue that can be resolved with a trip to Dr. Moore’s office in Garner, NC. As soon as you notice your filling has fallen out, give Dr. Moore a call to schedule an appointment.

Once you arrive at our office, Dr. Moore will examine the tooth and determine the best treatment. In the event it can be restored with another filling, he will inform you of all your options. If restoration doesn’t make sense, he may recommend a root canal and crown to restore the tooth’s integrity.

He may also suggest a tooth extraction. However, this is rarely the case and only performed as a last resort. The sooner you can visit Dr. Moore’s office, the better as failing to seek immediate care can lead to pain, discomfort, and even loss of the tooth.

If you can’t see Dr. Moore that day, invest in an over-the-counter dental cement to cover the surface of the tooth. This will protect and seal the area and allow you to feel more comfortable until you come in for your appointment. You may also want to use a cotton swab to apply a bit of clove oil to the sensitive area.

Doing so can reduce any tooth pain you’re experiencing. Also, be sure to brush gently around the area the filling used to be to get rid of all food debris. It’s a good idea to use warm water after you eat to remove the food from the unfilled tooth.

Remember that most tooth fillings don’t last forever so it’s okay if it falls out. To prevent this from happening, however, visit Dr. Moore’s office on a regular basis so he can keep an eye on any fillings that may be at risk.

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