Are Silver (Amalgam Fillings) Bad for Your Teeth?

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Believe it or not, silver or amalgam fillings have been around for over 150 years. They are a mixture of silver, mercury, tin, and copper. While they have a proven track record of success and are incredibly affordable, amalgam fillings are not the best option out there.

Thanks to advances in the Garner and Raleigh areas, tooth colored fillings have become the ideal alternative. Unlike amalgam fillings which offer a dark appearance and can darken your tooth over time, tooth colored fillings are the same color as your tooth. So if you have one in your mouth, it’ll seamlessly blend in with your other teeth. Nobody will know you’ve had a filling unless you tell them of course.

How Tooth Colored Fillings Work

Tooth colored fillings are made from a composite resin material and customized to match your teeth’s enamel. During the procedure, Dr. Moore will completely remove your tooth decay. Then, he’ll apply an adhesive to your tooth. Once it dries, he’ll cover it with a few thin layers of composite resin. Once Dr. Moore is satisfied with the way your tooth looks, he’ll harden it with a special UV right. The process is safe, fast, and easy.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

The most noteworthy benefit of tooth colored fillings over traditional silver amalgam fillings is that they’re far more attractive. They come in a number of shades and hues and can easily match any tooth you have.

Another perk of tooth colored filling is how they bond. While amalgams require undercuts, composite resins are bonded directly to the tooth. This allows for less of the natural tooth structure to be removed and the fillings to be as small as possible. Our friends at Midlothian dentist office River Run Dental have reported that more and more teenagers and younger adults are coming in with tooth colored fillings. We are very pleased to hear this news.

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