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Dental Bonding

What is dental bonding? Dental bonding, also known as tooth bonding, is a general dentistry service that can have a tremendous impact on the strength and appearance of your smile. Safe, effective, and fast and low bonding is a cost-effective way to address both functional and aesthetic issues including: Chipped or cracked teeth Minor gaps …

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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric services Here at Moore Family Dentistry, we cater pediatric services to meet the needs of each child. Depending on where you child is developmentally, this may include: Checking for proper tooth eruption Cleaning and fluoride treatment Sealants In some instances, fillings and similar general dental treatments are appropriate for children as well. This, as …

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Root Canals

What is root canal therapy? Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is usually reserved for cases that have severe tooth infections that did not get addressed early on. A cavity that does not get a tooth filling will grow and cause deeper infection and tooth decay. This prompts the need for a root canal. A …

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Dental Crowns

What are dental crowns? A dental crown, also known as a tooth cap, covers the whole tooth surface to recreate its original shape and size. They are used to preserve and restore the functionality of a damaged tooth. Single day crowns The process of completing a crown in the past was a long one. Multiple …

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Dental Cleaning

What is a dental cleaning? A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning you receive from a dentist or dental hygienist. A routine dental cleaning should include scaling, root planning, and polishingMost dental cleanings take only between 25 and 35 minutes. Cleanings should be performed every six months to prevent excessive plaque buildup. Dental Cleaning Dental …

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